Oral Presenter Instructions

Session Outline

  • There are two moderators for each session, who will briefly introduce the topic and guide subsequent Q&A
  • You will have 14 minutes for your presentation: 12 minutes for talk, 2 minutes for Q&A

Audiovisual Setup

  • The room will be equipped with both wireless and wired microphones, as well as audiovisual/projection systems.
  • We will also be providing a PC laptop to run presentations from in each session.
    • If you would like to present from our laptop, please email your presentation to protect@neu.edu by Monday 11/16 so that we can load it onto the laptop in advance and test to confirm that your images, text and video are displayed properly.
    • If you don’t send it in advance, we will need to test it out at the conference.
    • In both cases, please bring a copy of your presentation in ppt and pdf format to the workshop on a usb stick to address any last minute miscues or modifications.
  • You are also welcome to present from your own laptop instead.
    • Please bring any needed adapters (e.g. Mac adapter)
    • Please make sure your computer is charged and ready to plug in (including any adapters), and you are by the front of the stage, as soon as the presenter before you begins their presentation.
  • Please contact Mariah Nobrega (m.nobrega@neu.edu) by Wednesday 11/11 if you:
    • need additional equipment to be made available – anything more than laptop, projector and a microphone for your person.
    • have special presentation materials (movie clips, audio clips, etc. – anything other than a PowerPoint presentation or PDF with fixed images and text).
    • have any other questions/concerns.

At the Meeting

  • When you check in at the registration desk, we will review these guidelines with you.
  • If you are presenting from our laptop, we will ask you to load the presentation onto our computer, so that we can confirm that your images, text and video are displayed properly.
  • If you are presenting from your laptop, we will review that you have any needed adapters.