Technology Transfer


This workgroup focuses on Technology Transfer and is designed for those involved in the RTC and/or CEC. It asks how those involved in SRPs might become involved in dissemination of newly developed technology or scientific developments outside of the traditional academic publication channels.  The most common example may be through patenting and commercialization, and there are certain rules that need to be understood by all involved (SRP investigators and those who may be helping them in research translation). This workgroup will discuss what the cores can do in order to be helpful in these discussions, and will also consider the particular role that university technology transfer offices can or will play. At the same time, there may be other pathways for dissemination open to investigators, such as simply giving away technology (e.g., newly developed materials, software). The pros and cons of selecting different approaches will be discussed. The workgroup will involve a facilitated discussion, which will include consideration of the following statements: 1) The future of research is “best advanced” in the private sector because this investment pathway for intellectual property offers more creative and timely applications for important discoveries to reach their targets in the marketplace. 2) Research inventions and work products must take into account whether the public sector can truly benefit from this potential intellectual property because a private sector approach may marginalize the introduction of these concepts into community or global settings that often have limited resources for entrepreneurial approaches.